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Our rule


Take a look again at to ...
If our portal, you can accept a free search display, or register.

Please fill out the search completely off-record otherwise is a publication is not possible!

The more detailed your search entry design, the more you have the chance, the person again.
Of course, you can record your members in your account change or delete them.

If you have a photo of the person, load it up in your account, which greatly increases the chances!
Immediately after your registration will be activated and you will receive an e-mail with your access information.

As a member you many options.

Experience exchange at the Forum -
- You receive an e-mail from the person (if you do not have the contact address below) -
Registration with your first and last name, and Car plates -

Staying please always fair and stick to good morals.
Geschäftsschädigende offensive and senseless entries in our portal lead to the cancellation of your ad and Customer.

If you have any questions about our portal, please write our virtual helper Nicki.

Well, we wish you much fun and success in

Just friends ....

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