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wanted People


You have to know someone and no address?
They are looking for an old friend, schoolmates, war comrades, etc.
They had a flirtation, in love with this person, and no address?
Are you looking for your family, father, mother, daughter, son, brother, sister. Uncle, aunt, etc.
They are looking for a key witness, your heirs, etc.
People can after all people are looking for, what you want to see again.
With us, you can enter your search ad.

In our various headings you can request that person looking for!
We have a lot of media informed about this project so that we many daily visitors,
And the Google index among millions of entries on the 1st Page can be found.

What is the cost of an in humans?

Listings for human are free!
With us, there are no hidden costs!
A registration with your contact information and license plate once cost 3 euros.

During the registration, I always get an error message
They must all fields with a star (*), or register.
If you do not know what you should write pure, then make a purely a question mark.
Where do I picture a high?
A picture can you later in your login area under "Modify" upload
, And other images at "pictures uploaded" insert, but first must be a picture
"Modify" uploaded.
How does the Fields of my contact address if I am not entry?

About our contact address consists of Fields with us,
We manage this e-mail to you.

Can I also make a search without a picture?

Basically yes!
Note, however, that you have a picture far more successful.
What I have to wear short text?

            The short text should be explicit. For example, I have you on
            01.01.2006 in Munich seen in the English garden, or a clue
            What the person in the search engines would enter if they
            Person you might be looking, because this is the search engine spidern.
How can I erase my data back?

If you have found yourself, log in with your access information from us,
Click in your personal account delete menu, then click OK - Ready --

            Problems with the registration, or other questions? .


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