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General Conditions (GC) of
Section 1.1 of The contract, and the customer is in force, if the customer is the General Conditions on the login page of the Internet, with a mouse click (Registration ticked) accepted the application and dispatch.
§ 1.2 After releasing your search entry, you get your access data via e-mail. Please note that in the indication of a false e-mail address, we are looking for the person or no contact with you shortly.
§ 1.3 Members undertake any copyright-protected images to use, and correct information. The placing of an ad containing details of the contact information of any kind only with the background that they pretend to be molested, or the display of Web addresses and e-mail addresses, which indicates a Web address so as to operate advertising is not permitted and will be prosecuted . Likewise, threats of any kind in prohibited and will be criminally prosecuted. If demonstrably false information, is the portal entitled to cancel the membership, and the data of the customer to delete immediately. For the liability of the registered data, the member is responsible.
Section 1.4 of fun entries, and entries are meaningless for us and are forbidden to display.
2nd Benefits
Section 2.1 provides users a contact platform with the Forum, where they have a search entry can and the person on the specified address, or via our portal as soon as possible.
§ 2.2 does not mean that during the membership contacts are made. The service includes no contact mediation, but only providing the service platform, on which the seekers are looking to make entry.

3rd Payment and prices
§ 3.1 and setting membership of search entries for is free.
§ 3.2 with a registration contact and-or once Car plates will cost 3 euros.
§ 3.3 Premiums: If an ad facing a premium, these apparent to the public, so this is as authentic view and the one who has a right to the payment of the benefit provided.

4th Exemption
§ 4.1, the member shall and all employees of all third-party claims, which it from any existing marks, designs, utility models, patent, copyright, copyright and other intellectual property rights generally, or because of legal infractions of the member
Section 4.2 of the Service or its officers, employees, agents and / or third party in this emerging costs
An adequate legal defense and tracking compared to the third party shall be borne by the customer if a legal violation.

§ 5 Liability
Section 5.1 As a general rule, the communications platform no liability for claims arising over such example:
- When damages arising from the use of the platform, regardless of the reason.
* That the communication platform by force majeure, strikes, lockouts, business disruptions, server crash, or from external damage
The structures interrupted, in his function impaired or destroyed.
* Any liable for the functionality of the communication platform, and makes no representations regarding the accuracy, reliability, timeliness and accuracy of the information entered.
* When unauthorized third party obtaining knowledge of personal data (for example by an unauthorized access of 'hackers' on the database).
* The data and information that the users themselves have made available to third parties, by those abused.
8th Surveillance
§ 8.1 Communication Platform has the right regularly to the portal applications deemed to monitor, but is not obliged to published data to monitor, and can be freely adjust the data or delete it if our Terms' the hurt.

9th Property rights of the users
§ 9.1 For data published by users, it is not allowed to distort, free to use, copy, distribute, broadcast, or private use. They serve only to note the information.

10th Warranty
Paragraph 10.1 The customer is obliged, in obvious shortcomings at the latest within four weeks after the conclusion of this writing. If this is not available, warranty rights because of an apparent lack excluded.
§ 10.2 If the member obvious deficiencies within four weeks and no obvious defects within 2 months after delivery
Complains done by choice of free repair or replacement. If repair or replacement finally fail, the
Customer after his election, the right to reduce the price or to rescind the contract.
Paragraph 10.3 The withdrawal remains of the above provisions intact.
§ 10.4 advertising for other Internet portals is prohibited! Because the abuse of our portal by commercial providers can not be ruled out, we are always working hard this with all means to prevent, and are grateful for any indication. assumes no liability in that regard, and is entitled to a finding by the account immediately delete and display because of unfair competition.
§ 10.5 claims for damages, regardless of what legal reason, are excluded if no willful or grossly negligent actions.

Eleventh Privacy
§ 11.1 assured in the collection, processing and use of personal data of customers, the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act and other relevant legal norms to be observed and only the data to publish what the customer wants.
§ 11.2
The registration of an ad, or register with is voluntary. Your personal data including your IP address for the duration of your registration in our database. You should be aware that if your name, address and contact telephone number in an ad register, each of these visitors may be. For a registration is only after the entry of a name or Car plates, your contact information displayed, which you have sent us. Cookies: We use cookies exclusively for the convenience of the user's hands. On these pages may come cookies for other purposes to use, without that we have no control over this. Most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. You can save, however, disable cookies, or your browser so that it alerts you when cookies are being sent.

§ 11.3
During a search ad can be found in the field contact "Please ask." We will direct every answer to you. In the case of a registration, only the contact data called, which in your agreement by you.

§ 11.4
We agree to your personal data to any third person.

§ 11.5
If your access data have forgotten (applies only for search ads), you can always rely on the home page at the link forgotten password settings. The password will be sent to your e-mail address specified unencrypted.

§ 11.6
You can choose your entry, or cancel any registration! Such ads can even in the operating account. Registrations send us an e-mail with which you are registered with us in support (at), then we will immediately delete your entry.

Twelfth Revocation Policy
§ 12.1, the customer has the right to terminate it at any time without giving reasons, in writing to, owner: Hartmut Neidiger, 96450 Coburg, Am Schießstand 27, - Germany - or by sending an e-mail to be revoked .
§ 12.2 During a revocation effective, the member after its membership is not our portal more effectively.
Paragraph 12.3 The right expires once with the performance of paid services by the express consent of the user has begun, or the user uses the paid services § 312 d Abs 3 BGB.

Thirteenth Salvator ash clause
§ 13.1 Should provisions of this contract within the meaning of the judiciary in Germany invalid or will be, remains the validity of the remaining provisions. In place of the ineffective regulations, or to filling the gaps to be an appropriate settlement occur, which comes closest to what the parties intended.
14th Final Provisions
§ 14.1 It is German or EU law
§ 14.2 place of performance and jurisdiction is Germany Coburg
Status: 01/01/2006



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